Ilfracombe, Devon

Summer 2016. One of the most stunning places I could ever imagine I would go to. The little Devon town called Ilfracombe. An unknown treasure in the south west, a vibrant area full of beauty, Ilfracombe offers a whole range of activities, and multiple photo opportunities. Above is the beautiful photo I captured whilst on a harbour tour, an incredible journey around the sea visiting neighbouring towns such as Coombe Martin. Whilst it may not experience the hot summer climates of Southern Europe, Ilfracombe is a true representation of what it means to be English.

True, it may be small but the small docks and endless souvenir shops add to the English identity. You could never go on a English holiday without some. I managed to purchase what appeared to me an endless number of shell creations made from the shells from the beach only a few metres away.

My brother, parents and I visited in the August of 2016 and I can honestly say it was the best holiday I have ever been on. Across the week we were able to visit the local aquarium, amusements, the beautiful Devonshire delicacies with homemade scones with jam and cream. The number of scones I ate during the week!

Yet, because of the small size of the town throughout the week we had to visit some equally beautiful places as a way of entertaining ourselves. One to mention is Woolacombe (another place I will write about) the most tranquil yet stunning places I have ever visited, a stretch of sandy beaches for miles long. A ten minute drive along the country roads land you at Woolacombe, where there are a couple of beach shops and a beautiful restaurant as well as the typical fish and chip shop – a great one I must add.

To not consider Ilfracombe as a place to go is ludicrous, I would definitely go back and stay again. Not to mention the beautiful sea views from the holiday apartments on the cliff top. I cannot wait to book the next holiday there and take yet again far too many photos of the bright blue sea.



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